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TATOO 4 allows you to store data during or after production in a central database and thus makes it available for evaluations. It is a reliable tool for managing big data and also provides an easy-to-use interface for analyzing the stored data.

TATOO 4 Screenshot TATOO 4 Screenshot
TATOO 4 Screenshot TATOO 4 Screenshot

How does TATOO 4 work?

Manufacturing companies often generate large amounts of data during quality control. You can draw valuable insights from this data by identifying outliers and trends in order to minimize scrap and machinery failure.

TATOO 4 enables automatic long-term storage of data in one central system!


TATOO 4 allows a two-folded storage solution for measure data and files. On the one hand the measured values are stored into an SQL database, on the other hand, files of any type can also be stored into a file storage. With our current system, we store up to 210,000 test results each day with 1,000 features per result, which puts our application in the Big Data area of analytics.

Each test run has its own set of files which can be viewed through the TATOO 4 interface. For example, the raw data (often analog data, such as vibrations, temperature, etc.), test reports, images or videos.

Big Data

You can visualize the stored measurement data in a scatter plot, a simple and quick way to get an overview. This means that tests can be analyzed directly in TATOO 4, regardless of where they originate and whether they come from one test bench or several, so all data can be easily compared.

Web Interface

When anomalies are detected in the measurements, the raw data of an associated test run can be accessed directly from TATOO and analyzed in other specialized analysis tools, such as Power BI or FAMOS.

It is also possible to access the database directly with different software for further analytics.

Meta-Level Software AG + ZF Friedrichshafen AG

TATOO 4 was developed in cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen AG. ZF's expertise in mechanical design and quality assurance was combined with Meta-Level's many years of experience developing software. The result is a perfectly tailored product for the manufacturing industry based on the latest software technology.


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